Wednesday, March 23, 2011


What will your legacy be? What legacies have you known?

Some leave this temporary home a hero.

This life is about to close and the end is near
But there is an opening, there is nothing to fear.
Can you hear them sing your name,
Can you see the amazing light?
I know you're tired, I know your body is weak
But you don't have anything left here to seek.
Your life has been full!
You have known love, you have known pain
You have seen things that didn't leave you the same.
Do you know that your memories will remain here?
We get to keep those, we will always hold them dear.

Someone up there is waiting for you, you'll see them soon
Tell her we love her when you do.
You can let go now, it's okay.
Your time here is done, there's nothing left to say.

We'll miss you for a lifetime, but our lives are but seconds to you now.

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